How Does The Program Work?

1. Pay A-Mober Membership Fee
2. We On board You And Get You Started…
3. Check Out Device From Team Leader
4. Return Paper Work…
5. Your Paid Within 24/48 Hours…


Note: Team Leader Must Be Enrolled In Your Area                                                          

Note: No Team Leader You Must Enroll As Team Leader First                              

How Does This Differ From Other Fingerprint Opportunities?

1. With Us You Are A Business Owner…
2. You Are Getting A Complete Business…
3. You Can Grow And Become An Owner
4. You Can Open In As Many States As You Want!!!

When Do I Get The Device/Start?

1. Earn RIGHT AWAY, With Sales Accounts!!!
2. You Start Fingerprint Training Instantly…
3. As Soon As Your Licensed You Can Print*…

*If Needed In Your State

How Much Can I Make?

Bellow Numbers Are Based Off A Print Price Of $85.00

(*) Equals What You Are Eligible For

20% = Partner Rolling The Fingerprint*
30% = Person Who Found The Fingerprint*

Ex.) Sales Price – Production Cost = Gross Profit

X (.20) If Rolling*
X (.30) If Sales*

$85.00 X (.20) = $17.00 = Per Print
$85.00 X (.30) = $25.50 = Per Print

Total = $42.50 = Per Print Possible!!!

How Do Sales Work/New Accounts?

Daily you will use your Sales Systems to identify your sales leads, and then just follow the step by step system from there…

Are There Any Growth Opportunities?

Become A Team Leader Recruit Members Under You And Earn 30% Of Everything They Do.

Bellow Numbers Are Based Off The Gross Profit Per Print Avg $55.25

(*) Equals What You Are Eligible For

30% = Team Leader*
30% = Sales Specialist*
20% = Fingerprinter*

Ex.) Sales Price – Production Cost = Gross Profit

X (.30) Team Leader*
X (.30) Sales Specialist*
X (.20) Fingerprinter*

$55.00 X (.30) = $25.50 Per Print
$55.00 X (.30) = $25.50 Per Print
$55.00 X (.20) = $17.00 Per Print


  • Must have a pleasing personality
  • Be able to pay attention to detail
  • Be able to follow a system
  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Have access to a car
  • Can obtain a Fingerprint License
  • Most importantly: Be able to work together as a T.E.A.M.

Become A Fingerprinter Today!

There Must Be A Participating Team Leader In Your Area To Enroll

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