At Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting/TheFingerPrintMan.Com, we take our
customers fingerprints very seriously. If you have had any issues at all, we will
fix them for you right away!!!

Day or night we won’t rest until it’s right…

– The inquiry MUST BE WITHIN 90 DAYS from the Date Fingerprinted if they were processed for Fee App!
– The inquiry MUST BE WITHIN 30 DAYS from the Date Fingerprinted if they were processed for UCIA’S!


How to check the DPR Web Site Security

  • In The Upper Left Hand Corner Left Click On The Address Bar So That It Becomes Highlighted Blue
  • Type In Google.com
  • Hit Enter
  • Left Click On The White Bar In The Middle Of The Page So That The Cursor Is Flashing On It
  • Type In “IDFPR Fingerprints”
  • Your First Link Will Be “Fingerprint Results-State Of Illinois: Department Of Financial And…” Scroll The “Arrow” Over The Blue Writing So That It Turns To A “Finger” Left Click On The Blue Writing…
  • You Will Be Taken To A Page Titled “Fingerprint Results” Type In The Persons:
  • Last Name:
  • First Initial:
  • Social Security Number:
  • Left Click On “Get Results”
  • Or If results say

“Hit” or “Clear” or “Pending” they have been received

What are the response times?

Mail: 3-5 Business Days

E-mail: 24-48 Hours

Fax: 24-48 Hours

How to look up results with Illinois State Police

  • Call the Illinois State Police at 815-740-5160. You want to press the number #2 for a live operator.

Note:   The Illinois State Police opens at 8 am.

  • Kindly ask the operator if you may check fingerprint background checks for a Fee App or UCIA prints
  • Kindly Read Them Your TCN
  • If They Don’t Have Them…Please Fill Out A “Problem Ticket” And Will We Get It Fixed RIGHT WAY!

What happens If my inquiry is after 90 days on Fingerprint results for Fee Applicants and 30 days after a UCIA Fingerprint?

Did you receive a letter in the mail from DPR stating that they have not received your fingerprints?

You May or May not Have However the Illinois State Police only gives us 90 days to resend your Fingerprint unfortunately you will have to be refingerprinted at your expense:

However next time you are fingerprinted you can follow up with us within 24-48 hours to check the status of your fingerprint